Daydream Artist Series

In a world saturated with stimuli that challenges our mental, physical, emotional, and creative health, we’re here to break through the noise with more daydreaming, more calm, and more realization of our full potential. Slip into the stories, cameos, and thought processes of some of our favorite artists to escape today and realize more of tomorrow.

Meet the Artist: Jessica Locklar

Using classic mediums like sculpture, drawing, and painting, artist Jessica Locklar portrays modern themes like gender roles and female sexuality throughout her captivating portfolio of work. 

Meet the Artist: Amanda Schrembeck

We sat down with Amanda to talk about her artwork and how revisiting life experiences (like travel) can help us all get through these unprecedented times.  


Meet the Artist: Carley Sibley

We chatted with Carley to find out what she’s daydreaming about these days, and how she finds inspiration almost everywhere she looks.



Meet the Artist: Bin Cochran

"Inspiration for me is like the local cable company or the McDonalds ice cream machine - unreliable..."


Meet the Artist: Bekah Beckman

In Bekah Beckman, wanderlust never had a better subject. The Alpharetta-based graphic designer and photographer has spent a lot of her time traveling the world — from Alaska and New Zealand to Amsterdam and Kauai — and spent the rest of it daydreaming about where her next adventure will take her. 


Meet the Artist: Cam Schott

 Take one look at Cam Schott’s piedmont road — a 30” x 40” stretched canvas playfully outlining one of Atlanta’s busiest intersections with bright blues, black, and collaged Atlanta Journal Constitution’s headlines — and you know she’s a native.