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New Year, New Me: The One New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

Practice yoga daily. Commit to a bedtime. Meditate every morning. We’ve all made lengthy lists of New Year’s resolutions in the vein of “new year, new me” only to fall short.  “The biggest mistake people make is trying to change more than one thing at a time and chasing monumental changes,” says Lisa Bélanger, who has a Ph.D. in Behavioural Medicine. Her advice? Start small, tweaking one tiny habit, and build from there. Enter: CBD.  Incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen can enhance overall well-being—and all you have to do is add a few drops to your water every day. Sounds easy enough? If so, read on to discover the myriad of ways that CBD can improve your 2020.  Plus,...

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The Reverie CBD Gift Guide is Your Ticket to a Chill Holiday Season

The holidays are — or rather, should be — a time for joy, family, rest, and relaxation. Yet despite our best efforts, the season of giving can quickly become one of the most stressful times of the year. Between battling Black Friday crowds and cranky in-laws to navigating holiday traffic and long hours of travel, these not-so-nice occurrences can take the holly jolly right out of the season.  If you’re looking to mix a bit of holiday chill with your holiday cheer, you’ve come to the right place. With our CBD gift guide, you can find the perfect presents for those seeking a coveted dose of relaxation during this busy time of year — including yourself. That’s because Reverie is...

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Sick of Counting Sheep? Try Taking CBD for Sleep Instead

Irritable. Drowsy. Unproductive. We all dread the aftermath of a restless night plagued with too little sleep. Yet according to the National Sleep Foundation, 35 percent of Americans reported getting poor quality sleep, with 20 percent revealing that they did not wake up feeling refreshed during the week.   Getting enough rest is crucial for maintaining our mood, productivity levels, and bodily functions. Without the recommended seven to nine hours per night, you can expect adverse effects like weight gain, high blood pressure, and a suppressed immune system over time. These consequences are why many people are turning to CBD for sleep.    Cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant that’s known to help treat...

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How CBD Spa Products Can Enhance the Relaxation Experience

Many high-end spas and salons are opting to add one not-so-secret ingredient to their luxe offerings of massages, body treatments, and facials — and it’s not necessarily what you’d expect. Then again, maybe it is. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant that’s known for it’s soothing, relaxing, and pain-relieving qualities. Considering these benefits, it makes perfect sense for spas to incorporate CBD oil and CBD spa products into their treatments. After all, what’s more relaxing than a massage with the added benefit of some ahh-inducing CBD? Spas across the country are quickly adopting the trend, with offerings like the Green CBD Spa Treatment at Spa Anjali in Avon, CO, which includes the...

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The Farm Bill, Hemp, and CBD: Here’s How CBD Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The Farm Bill of 2018 has ruffled a lot of feathers, and lots of rumors and misinformation is flying around about the legislation. What is the Farm Bill, exactly? Does it have to do with marijuana? Does it legalize CBD? Let’s break it down.  What is the difference between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana? It’s first important to note that even though hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are often lumped into the same category, they are very different. Cannabis is a family of plants, and hemp and marijuana are two unique species of plants within the cannabis family. When compared side by side, you can tell the difference between them by the breadth of their leaves. The most important distinction, however, is...

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