What Is Your Daydream: Introducing the Reverie Daydream Artist Series 

What does it take to break free of the every day and give into limitless possibility? 

This question is one we’ve been asking ourselves at Reverie since before we launched, and it’s at the root of everything we do with our products. Now, it’s taking us to our next project, where creating calm, support, and inspiration isn’t just something we aspire to, but something we desperately need. 

Right now, we are all surrounded by stimuli that challenge our mental, physical, emotional, and creative health. We want to inspire more daydreaming️, especially with those who communicate best — artists.

By speaking, providing, and listening to the growing creative community in ATL, we want to work in partnership to support our mission to bring joy and calm to all. So, we have created the Reverie Daydream Artist Series. Dedicated to partnering with and showcasing local artists, our mission is to have artists in whatever medium they want, answer the question: what is your daydream?”

To share their stories, we’ll be using multiple different channels. You’ll see Q&As on the Reverie website and blog to learn more about the artist themselves. We’ll have artist takeovers across our social media channels. And you’ll also be getting stories delivered directly to your inbox showcasing artistic journeys and behind-the-scenes stories — all to bring you one step closer to the kind of work that will be a wonderful escape from the norm. 

So sit back, relax, and daydream. We’re excited for you to be a part of this artistic journey with us.  

If you are an artist and are interested in the series, please let us know and reach out at hillary@feelreverie.com

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