Meet the Artist: Mitchell Hardage

Ever since the invention of the motion picture camera back in 1892, humanity has been fascinated with moving images and the art of cinematography. Mitchell Hardage, a video editor, and animator based in Atlanta, uses the beloved medium to create works with a specific goal in mind: to make people laugh. 





In honor of our Meet the Artist series, Mitchell wrote, performed, filmed, and edited a song inspired by daydreaming. We sat down with him for a quick chat to talk about his inspiration, his love of music, and life after lockdown. 

Q: Tell us a little about you and what you do. 

Mitchell: My name is Mitchell Hardage and I work as a video editor and animator. I'm also in a couple of bands. I live in Decatur with my wife and two basset hounds, and we're just hanging out right now.

Q: Tell us about your process and inspiration behind your artwork. What is your daydream and how can people feel inspired to daydream during these tough times?

Mitchell: Sometimes I'll daydream about space and time and death and stuff. This is what the song [created for Reverie] is about. I think daydreaming is a fairly healthy activity right now. I associate it closely with writing songs because that's usually where a song starts for me. Before the lockdown, I didn't make a ton of art on my own, but now I kinda have to. And it feels good. Getting to know yourself a little bit better.


Q: What do you hope people will take away from this piece?

Mitchell: I hope you feel a little more connected to everyone else after you hear the song.

Q: How can the community view more of your work and connect? 

Mitchell: Check out my page on Vimeo and follow me on Instagram @mitchellhardage.

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