Meet the Artist: Hannah Burton

Artist Hannah Burton is no stranger to daydreams. In fact, much of her work explores metaphysical themes of the supernatural, ritual, and the cycle of life and death — all of which manifest for Hannah in mediums like drawing, printmaking, and otherworldly cyanotype, a photographic printing process that results in stunning cyan-blue prints.

For this next installment in our Daydream Artist Series, we sat down with Hannah to find out more about the spiritual world that inspires her, and how daydreaming makes her feel more connected to others and to the earth. 

Q: Tell us a little about you and what you do.

Hannah: I’m an artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. I primarily work with drawing, printmaking, and cyanotype.

Wounded Bird

Q: What does the perfect daydream look like to you? 

Hannah: A perfect daydream for me is anytime I can let my mind freely wander without having to bring it back to reality. It’s pretty meditative. 

Q: What things do you consider part of your "artist's toolbox" of inspiration? 

Hannah: I would say intentional observation is part of my artist toolbox. I feel like most of my problems in my practice have been solved when I force myself to slow down and really observe what I’m doing, what a drawing is doing, and what the world around me is also doing. It’s also one of those things that follows you out of the studio and is part of your practice just by living. 

Q: When are you most creative? 

Hannah: Honestly, it comes in waves and it normally happens when I least expect it. I’ve really had to get on myself about writing down every idea when it comes into my head because if I don’t, I’ll forget it. 

Q: If you had three rules to live by, what would they be? 

Hannah: 1) Live simply. 2) Eat a good meal if you have a bad day. 3) Share what you have with others. 

Birth of a Psychic 

Q: Tell us about your process and inspiration.

Hannah: I use drawing, printmaking, and cyanotypes to create cryptic, imaginative works of art. I use my work to explore the relationship between the human experience in an earthbound realm, the existence of a transcendent one, and where those worlds intersect. I take inspiration from rituals, symbolism, the transcendent experience, and my own interactions with my immediate environment and mind. 

The Red Moon of My Life, Rising and Setting

Q: What is your daydream and how can people feel inspired to daydream during these tough times? 

Hannah: My daydream is getting to live in a world where we live life a little slower and more connected to each other and the earth. I believe there’s a lot to look forward to on the other side of this and I find myself thinking about what life will be like. For me, that’s comforting and maybe it is for some others as well! 

Q: How can we support you and view more of your work?

Hannah: Follow me on Instagram at @hanksy_b or stop by my website,

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