Is Organic CBD Worth It?

Since CBD hit the scene, it feels like it’s been everywhere and in everything — from our bath bombs to our dog treats. 

Even though CBD has everyone talking about all-natural cures, sometimes those conversations leave out one important consideration: Is CBD organic? 

If you’re the kind of shopper who religiously monitors ingredient labels, makes a concerted effort to know where your products are made and sourced, and refuses to put anything into your body that contains a GMO, it stands to reason that you should also be looking into what kind of CBD you’re consuming. 

Whether you’re considering making your first or next CBD purchase, here’s what you need to know about organic CBD and whether or not it’s worth the hype. 

We’re Talking the Big “O” 

What is organic CBD? 

Most people know that when a product is labeled “organic,” it was grown or produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial additives. But how does that apply to CBD? 

CBD is a compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant, so when it comes to organic formulations, it all starts with the growing process. For cannabis to be labeled organic, it must be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, ionizing radiation, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, and several other qualifiers. Also, organic standards require that a certified, USDA-accredited agent surveys the product before it can be labeled USDA organic. Without that label, the organic product you have might not actually be organic. 

What are the benefits of going organic?

While organic products have long been touted for their myriad of health benefits, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing found that even the act of buying organic products is associated with a more positive attitude. So when it comes to purchasing CBD, opting for organic could be the way to go. Here are some other benefits to going organic: 

  • Organic products contain fewer harmful pesticides. 
  • Organic products are often fresher because they lack preservatives that increase their shelf life. 
  • Organic farming is better for the environment and can conserve water, reduce pollution, reduce soil erosion, and more.
  • Organic products are GMO-free. 

While organic products are typically more expensive than their generic counterparts, the benefits for your health and the environment are often worth the added cost.  

Why we believe organic is best for your body. 

At Reverie, we believe that people deserve nothing but the best, so we set out to create the best — and the best is made differently. Our CBD is 100% organic and grown right here in the U.S. When it comes to CBD products, quality and safety are the two most significant things to look out for. That’s why all of our products feature broad spectrum CBD sourced directly from Oregon, which means our hemp has some of the highest safety ratings in the world. We work directly with our farmers to produce only the best quality hemp that’s also sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and community-conscious.   

Reverie is the first company in the market to use 100% pure, organic broad-spectrum CBD in each and every one of its products. In addition to hemp oil, we also use a variety of other naturally-sourced ingredients to create an optimal experience.

Reverie Organic CBD: Why It Works   

Like most CBD products, Reverie was designed to alleviate anxiety, pain, stress, and more. Unlike other CBD products, however, Reverie is not a “blend” that may or may not have CBD in it; our product is the real deal that contains pure, natural, organic CBD. 

A CBD for First-Timers & Tried-and-True Users 

Reverie’s broad spectrum CBD is unparalleled in benefits, quality, and safety, which is why new and seasoned CBD users alike gravitate towards our products. A drop of Reverie Broad Spectrum CBD Oil will leave you feeling free and ready to conquer the day, kill a workout, or fall asleep with ease. Available in different dosages, you can customize your CBD routine to your tolerance and desire. 

To learn more about our organic line of CBD products, check out our complete CBD guide. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us directly for more information. 

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