Meet the Artist: Cam Schott 


Take one look at Cam Schott’s piedmont road — a 30” x 40” stretched canvas playfully outlining one of Atlanta’s busiest intersections with bright blues, black, and collaged Atlanta Journal Constitution’s headlines — and you know she’s a native.   

The next detail, that commissions from this piece (and the others in her Seen collection) benefit ATL-based 7 Bridges to Recovery, and it’s completely cemented that this part-time artist and part-time lifestyle model has a thing for the vibrant heartbeat that runs through the A. 




That’s why, when it came time to kick off our daydream artist series for Reverie right here in Atlanta, it was a no-brainer to start with Cam. Check out our Q&A below for the latest on her painting I Just Saw A Bluejay*, trusting in the process, and giving yourself over to your daydreams.

Q: When creating your artwork and collections, what inspires you?

 Cam: The sky's creation of sunrises and sunsets are my ultimate inspiration and driving force behind all of my artwork and collections (the colors, the emotions, the feelings, etc.) My goal is to draw people closer to the awe and wonder of God's creation and how it surrounds us no matter what circumstances are going on in our lives. 

I Just Saw A Bluejay,  Acrylic painting on canvas (24x36) *Pro Tip: 20% of this piece will be donated to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation

Q: Tell us about your process and inspiration behind this specific piece and how you took “What is your daydream?”

Cam: Every collection of mine is inspired by a different charity, each cause holding something close to my heart. Each collection is inspired by the colors of a sunset. My hope is to bring awareness of the miracle that the sky is painted with vibrant colors before the stars come out every night. 

My daydreams always put me in these exact situations — on the beach somewhere with a view of the sunset, just sitting in a moment where the world is still and calm and time passes by so moments where everything stands still and our problems seem to wash away. 

Q: What do you hope people will take away from this piece?

Cam: There can be comfort and relief found amidst troubling circumstances; there can be hope and healing despite what is happening around you. We can't always comprehend the things that happen throughout the day, but each day is wrapped with serenity and stillness of a sunrise and sunset to remind us that everything is ultimately in control — not by what we do, but in the way we trust everything will work out for our good. 


Q: How can the community view more of your work and connect? 

Cam: My website,, and connect with me on Instagram

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