Meet the Artist: Bekah Beckman

In Bekah Beckman, wanderlust never had a better subject. The Alpharetta-based graphic designer and photographer has spent a lot of her time traveling the world — from Alaska and New Zealand to Amsterdam and Kauai — and spent the rest of it daydreaming about where her next adventure will take her. 

Take one look at her work, and you can see how the lush beaches, bright cities, and natural landscapes have shaped her work and her writings. In this edition of our Meet the Artist series, we talk to Bekah about keeping the faith, getting inspired by vintage, and leaning into the travel bug when it hits.

Q: Tell us a little about you.

Bekah: In short, I’m a lover of the ocean, fresh flowers, travel, and good food. 

Q: Tell us about your process and inspiration behind this specific piece for What is Your Daydream?

Bekah: This piece is based on the PWA Poster style done in the 1930s and 1940s. They depict beautiful landscapes, usually in national parks, that have always inspired me and been the subject of my daydreams. I've especially been thinking about them lately, while I've been spending a lot of time at home. I can't wait to get back out to traveling and seeing these amazing landscapes. 

I encourage everyone who is stuck at home to stay inspired and motivated by planning trips to take when this is all over. Nothing gets me excited like having something really fun to look forward to. 

Q: What do you hope people will take away from this piece?

Bekah: I hope people see my piece and think about all the cool places around the world. I hope to give them something to look forward to when it is normal to travel again. 

Q: How can the community view more of your work and connect? 


Bekah: You can check out my work on or see a little more of my day to day life mixed in with graphic design on my Instagram


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