CBD For Creativity + 5 Other Things CBD is Good For

organic cbd is good for creativity and sleep

You scream, we scream, the world screams for CBD. From lotions to lattes, CBD is everywhere these days — and we couldn’t be happier about it. Extracted from seeds of the cannabis plant, CBD oil has a wide range of medicinal benefits (and no, it does not get you high). So, what exactly makes CBD the wellness product you’ve been looking for? Let us count the reasons. 

#1: CBD can jumpstart your creativity. 

According to CBD Choice, consuming CBD causes blood to flow to the frontal lobe of your brain — the same part that’s responsible for creativity and problem-solving. By taking CBD before work, you can get your creative juices flowing without the afternoon caffeine crash. We don’t know about you, but that sure sounds better than a cup of joe to us. 

#2: CBD can soothe your stress. 

Anxiety is extremely common, affecting 40 million adults each year. Thankfully, CBD is good for helping anxiety. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, CBD is shown to reduce stress in animal studies. Whether you’re affected by recurring anxiety or the inevitable stress from a busy job, CBD may be just what you need to take the edge off without feeling “out of it.” 

#3: CBD can end your headache. 

CBD oil is a great way to fight pain and discomfort. As Harvard Health Publishing notes, CBD may help reduce symptoms of many conditions including arthritis and insomnia. If you’re dealing with nausea, headaches or back pain, taking CBD oil can help you feel normal without side effects or prescription incompatibility.

#4: CBD can fight your acne. 

Turn your skincare game up a notch by incorporating CBD into your beauty regimen. According to Medical News Today, there’s evidence that CBD oil may help you battle acne naturally. How? CBD offers anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits, keeping your skin cleaner, fresher and more beautiful. No wonder so many spas are now incorporating CBD into services like facials. 

#5: CBD can give you more Zs. 

Get your snooze on. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, one in three people don’t get enough sleep. If you deal with insomnia, CBD is about to transform your bedtime routine. CBD calms the central nervous system, helping to improve your sleep. In fact, CBD is even believed to interact with receptors that affect your sleep and wake cycles.

#6: CBD can level-up your workout.

Meet your new workout buddy, CBD. How can CBD enhance your workout routine? CBD oil can help lower your blood pressure in response to stress, provide anti-inflammatory benefits and lift your mood. Throw some of our CBD products in your bag before you hit the gym for your next workout! 

#7: CBD can help you kick bad habits. 

Whether you’re battling a nicotine addiction or trying to cut back on your alcohol, CBD oil can help. To test this insight, a group of 24 smokers received inhalers with either CBD or placebo substances. Those with placebo inhalers didn’t smoke less. But those with CBD inhalers? They cut back by 40 percent

#8: CBD gives you a good gut feeling.

If you suffer from a sensitive stomach, CBD can help you get back to normal. According to Palsey Health, CBD helps heal tight junctions that contribute to intestinal permeability and soothes the bowel syndrome. By taking CBD when you have an upset stomach, you can relax your muscles and feel your best. 

There are a handful of ways you can use CBD oil. You can use vape pens, tinctures (liquid extracts), topical applications, edibles, and pills. Vape pens work the quickest, however, not everyone enjoys vaping. If vape pens aren’t your style, you may want to try taking CBD oil orally. This is the second-fastest method to absorb CBD, and it’s one of the easiest options for on-the-go benefits.

To start incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, browse our products online. From feeling your best to getting more creative, we know you’ll love the effects of CBD in your life. Have questions about how CBD works or other ways to use it? We go more in-depth in our complete guide on CBD.

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