A Cast of Reverie CBD Characters


It’s CBD season, and we’ve got what you want, and know what you need. 


At Reverie, we delight in the versatility and creative freedom that CBD oil offers, and have worked to develop a robust selection of reverie CBD products that are adaptable to you anytime, anywhere. 


CBD has proven itself to be one of the more multipurpose products on the market. CBD oil, which is extracted from the hemp bud of the cannabis plant, can be added to just about anything: drinks, lotions, balms, food — the list is endless. 


Our assorted collection is as diverse as the people who use it. There are options for the go-getters, the beginners, the veterans, the busy bees, and everyone in between. But they all share one thing in common: the chance to find clarity, relief, and confidence to live a freer life. 


Broad Spectrum Reverie CBD Oil: Powerfully potent and easy-to-use for people at every stage of their CBD journey.


Small package, huge impact. Filled with 100 percent organic and locally sourced CBD oil, Reverie tinctures offer relief, recharge, and rest with every drop. Add a couple drops under your tongue for fast-action absorption, or to your morning coffee or tea for a slower release. Our pure oils contain anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, and anxiety-reducing properties, making it the perfect addition to your daily routine.


We offer a variety of flavors, including lemon, spearmint, and natural — providing you with the customized experience you’re looking for. 


Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies: Did someone say candy? With benefits?!


Hell yeah we did. Reverie’s broad spectrum, naturally flavored CBD gummies are packed with 300mg of CBD concentrate, powerful anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving benefits, and a delicious fruit flavor. 


Now you can take your CBD with a spoonful of sugar. 


Full Spectrum CBD Pain Stick: easy-access, fast results. 


Our peppermint-accented pain stick provides relief directly to the site of discomfort. This one-ounce powerstick is packed with 500mg of CBD to help quell your aches and pains with a convenient, on-the-go application. 


Massage into skin, take a few deep breaths, and let the stress-relieving properties of the CBD get to work. 


Full Spectrum Peppermint Roll-On: Your new right-hand man. 


Made with our ethically sourced, THC-free CBD, our full spectrum roll-on is your new go-to for easy application and quick relief. Similar to the pain stick, the roll-on works to soothe on site, allowing you to pin-point specific areas of discomfort. Using the rollerball, apply a thin layer directly to pulse points, problem areas, or chest for continual relief and comfort. 


CBD Pain Cream: You don’t need pain to get that gain. 


Our 100 percent organic, THC-free pain cream is designed to work for you, whenever you need it, where you need it. Creaky neck? Achy joints? Gently rub the pain cream onto the affected area two to three times a day, and revel in the anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties of our CBD oil. 


The Newbie Starter Set for beginners. 


Ah, the bad ol’ days. Before CBD and before a freer and more relaxing life. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you to the promised land.  


Our Newbie Starter Set contains 250mg — the recommended dosage for first-time users — CBD oil tinctures of all our fantastic flavors, giving you the opportunity for a little trial and taste test. Are you a morning or night person? Do you prefer on the rocks or straight up? Discover your CBD preferences with the starter kit, then go on to bigger and better and full CBD. 


Feel Chill Deluxe Set for the cool kids.


Calling on all the people who like a little variety in their lives. Our Feel Chill Deluxe Set is the perfect smorgasbord to help you achieve the ultimate chill. This four-piece collection includes our best-selling 500mg spearmint CBD oil, a 30 piece gummy collection (hell yeah), a 500mg pain stick, and a 400mg roll-on. 


CBD your way. CBD every way. 


Feel Calm Sleep Set for a better night’s sleep.


It’s all in the name, ladies and gentlemen. With our Feel Calm Sleep Set you can regain control over your sleep cycle, and catch up on some of that oh-so-important shuteye. Gone are the groggy days and sleepless nights. Add the Full Spectrum CBD Pain Stick, Full Spectrum Peppermint Roll-On, and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to your night-time routine and delight in the many relaxing properties that CBD has to offer. 


Feel Good Recovery Set: Nothing can stop you now.


Sore after your booty-burning bootcamp? Us too (sike!). Or dancing all night while out with friends (a little more our speed)? Add Feel Good Recovery Set to your arsenal and get back out there. Included you’ll find the Full Spectrum CBD Pain Stick and Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Roll-On, both packed with 400-500mg of CBD concentrate and the powerful healing powers of CBD oil. 


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