7 Reasons to Stop, Drop, and Roll. CBD Benefits Now at Your Fingertips.

When it comes to health and wellness accessories, it’s no surprise that CBD oil has been crowned the “Jack of All Trades.”  

CBD companies have profited off the unparalleled, multi-faceted functionality of the extract, developing ingenious ways to incorporate CBD benefits into our everyday lives. Think: lip balms, deodorants, and moisturizers. CBD oil triumphs in its versatility. Add a drop to your drink, and BAM you’re relaxed; mix it into your lotion and revel in the calming effects on your skin. The list goes on — if there’s an oil, then there’s a way! 

Cannabidiol oil — better known as CBD oil — is extracted from the cannabis plant, and is distilled using a methodical process that activates the compounds in the plant using heat. These mysterious compounds that activate during oil production hold profound medicinal properties, making CBD oil one of the most sought-after supplements on the market.

Now that we’re done fan-girling, we’re ready to spill the CBD-oil infused tea on why it’s really worth the hype. 

  1. Say Hello to CBD, Your Next Pain Reducing Supplement.

CBD interacts with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system, communicating with certain central receptors to help aid in regulating vital functions. Certain studies have shown that the activated compounds in CBD oils are effective at treating and mitigating temporary to long term pain via these communications.

Next time you’re in need of a pain reliever, opt instead for a couple drops of CBD oil under the tongue, where it will be absorbed by the capillaries quickly, offering you faster relief without chemical additives found in other products. 

  1. Nevermind That Expensive Vibrating Thingy To Ease Muscles. Try a CBD Oil-Infused Massage Instead. 

Times are tough. And I’m sure there are a handful of us who are suffering from stress-related tension, or muscle pain from all that at-home quarantine yoga we’ve been doing. 

When you add a couple drops of CBD oil to your next massage, you’ll feel the potency of the magical CBD benefits at work. CBD oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that work to directly target taut muscles and sore joints, turning your traditional rub down into the ultimate tension-melting, anxiety-reducing time of your life. 

  1. CBD Oil Will Make Your Heart Happy. 

The powerful anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-reducing effects of CBD haven’t  just been shown to lower blood pressure, they also work to keep your heart happy and healthy

Other studies have indicated that antioxidant-rich CBD can help to reduce the chances of heart damage in mice. Although we know you guys aren’t mice (even if you go crazy for a good cheese board), these positive studies and research ventures work to unveil the many potential CBD benefits.

  1. Anxiety? I Don’t Know Her Anymore. 

The anxiety-reducing properties of CBD oil work to help curb the side effects of anxiety conditions such as generalized anxiety to OCD and PTSD. CBD is also non-psychoactive, meaning you won’t experience a “high” feeling when you use it. 

  1. Maybe You Just Need Some Sleep…

Using CBD oil is a dependable way to finally catch some z’s. A recent study examined 47 people with anxiety and 25 who were experiencing poor sleep. Of those tested, 67 percent recorded improved sleep scores, and 80 percent indicated reduced anxiety. 

Next time you’re hacking for a better night sleep, remember that CBD oil is a safe and reliable way to get a comfortable and restorative night’s rest without the added grogginess associated with sleeping pills. 

  1. The Key to Better Skin is All About CBD Benefits 

Speaking of hacks, raise your hand if you’ve ever tried something absolutely ridiculous in pursuit of better skin. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Ms. I Put Eggs On My Face Because I Read Something Somewhere. 

Your search for the perfect routine additive is over. Add a couple drops of oil to your moisturizer, face oil, or lotion and see the incredible CBD benefits it has for your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been thought to reduce acne-related skin conditions by working to mitigate or balance sebum production, as well as alleviate symptoms of eczema and rosacea.

  1. Go ahead, have that second drink—CBD oil might just cure your hangover tomorrow.

Looking to rebound after a few too many? Us too. CBD oil has shown to reduce the (debilitating) symptoms of a hangover , working to restore your cognitive functions, quell your queasy stomach, and give you a boost of energy.   


Although you may experience potential diarrhea, changes in appetite and weight, and fatigue when using CBD, it is considered safe. However, more research is currently under works to get a more comprehensive picture of this powerful little plant. 

Pop over to shop our products and indulge in the countless CBD benefits you can add to your routine for a freer, happier life. Happy dosing! 










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